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AGN Technology
   AGN Synchronized
   Electricity solutions
AGN Technology has a cost effective, fast, economical & sustainable, complete sychronized electricity solutions for a city, Town, Factories, Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Millitary camps etc.AGN Technology has complete mobile electricity solutions.       

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     AGN Solar Energy
     & Power solutions
AGN Technology solar solution one of the best & most sofisticated technology in the solar industry. We can provide a turn key solution whether it is for Residential,Industrial, Commercial, Street light, Parking post, Hot/cold water, Refrigerator, Air condition.                

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      AGN Wind Energy
      & Power solutions
Wind energy is one of the most green & efficient electricity solution in the modern world, whether it is in Africa or Europe, wind electri city sotlution will be one of the most economical and sustainable, if the wind turbine production becomes a mass production.

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     AGN Hydro "GREEN"
     Electricity solutions
AGN Technology hydro power solution is a world standard & highly technological. Hydro electricity can be installed in prepared in any where in the world in the following three method:
. Hydro electricity power plant
. Micro Hydro from 100 mw to   280mw
. Mini Hydro generator from   370kw to 100 mw
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